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BBC 500 Words Short Story Competition

Congratulations to Adam Brickell in 8D. The BBC have longlisted his story, A Long Way Down in their creative writing competition. They received over 90,000 entries and only 3000 have gone through to the next stage so this is a huge achievement. We wish Adam the best of luck as his work goes through the next round of the judging process.


We hope you enjoy Adam's story.


A Long Way Down

Another day at school, Timmy and John are in double maths! “I hate maths,” said Timmy. “At least we’ve got English next; we’re entering that five hundred word competition,” “I know I’ve…” Suddenly the floor started to shake “WOAH” shouted John “What’s happening?” Then a crack split the room in half.

Unfortunately Timmy and John were sitting where the crack is so they fell down the one hundred foot drop. Fortunately they landed in a pile of sticky slimy sludgy gunk. “Great!” said Timmy sarcastically. Timmy and John clambered out of the gunk “Oh no” shrieked a shadow from the gunk “My shoes” “whose there?” Timmy whispered nervously “It’s me Matt” Matt was Timmy’s arch enemy but for now they had to work together to find their way out of this dark disgusting deserted cave.

The boys got up and decided to take a walk. It was very dark and no one could see anything. Every now and again somebody would trip over a pointed rock or fall in a small stream of water. “Oh wait a second” said John as he started to rummage through his jacket “here it is!” John pulled a miniature torch attached to a key ring. John turned on the torch and the room suddenly lit up. For once all three boys could see their surroundings. Just at that very moment dust started to fall from the ceiling. There was an eerie noise like a mouse scurrying across the roof.

Suddenly an angry, human pig looking creature burst out of the wall and started to limp over to the boys. “Quickly,” shouted Matt franticly “do something!” At that very moment John, as if he knew what to do, pointed the torch right at the monsters face. “ARGHHHHHHH” whaled the monster as it started to melt. The monster slowly shrunk down into a big pile of bubbling goop. “That’s how you do it” said john confidently as he stretched his arms “That’s only one who knows how many there will be!” Explained Timmy as he stopped John from showing off.

The boys trooped on. As they turned the corner Matt saw a glimpse of light “Hey guys” Matt said as he nudged Timmy “What’s that light up ther…” “What’s that light up there you say?” said a loud deep voice echoing all around the room. “Who dares to wake the infamous Mikka Tikka?” The boys took a step back as John tried to flash the monster to death. Nothing seemed to happen. “We need to think of something fast!” Said Timmy. At that point Matt was already searching through his bag. “I can’t find anything in my bag!” Shouted Matt, “it’s only my math book” “throw that at it then!” said Timmy. Matt threw his book and to his surprise the monster started to melt.

“The monster must have been allergic to maths!” giggled John. Mikka Tikka was defeated and the boys carried on finding their way out.