In the new calendar year, students in year 9 will receive information on the Guided Pathways Process. For the first time in their time at Audenshaw School, students will be given the opportunity to personalise part of their curriculum in line with their interests, abilities and aspirations.

They have already started their GCSEs in some subjects in Year 9, but Year 10 is when they follow the full GCSE Curriculum Pathway. 

Students will receive a lot of advice and guidance to help them make appropriate choices from a range of option subjects; these decisions will not only shape their time at Audenshaw School, but they will also help determine their future.  All students must follow a core curriculum of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science. Students must also continue to study PE as part of promoting an active, healthy lifestyle, as well as a programme of Lifeskills and Ethics to ensure spiritual, moral and cultural development. 

In addition, they will make four options choices which will complete their timetable.  

The Guided Pathways process will involve students being given all of the information about all the possible subjects (last year's Guided Pathways Booklet remains on the website until it is updated) for 2019/20. Every student and their parents will be invited to an individual meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss and guide them on the best possible choices for success. 

There will be an information evening for parents prior to this to help them understand the process fully and to also explain about the new GCSE's and their new grading system.

Parents will be contacted in the New Year about the process in detail.

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