DT (Grades 3- | 3= | 3+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition
Exploring Ideas

Collect relevant pictures to help with designing and making.

Write a specification with five points including size, material and aesthetics.

Generating Ideas

Produce a variety of ideas for a researched target market.

Use research as inspiration to generate ideas.

Can add colour and texture to sketches to make them look realistic.

Annotate the sketches to say what is good and weak about the design.

Developing Ideas Develop an idea showing a range of alternatives for form and colour.

Evaluate the product against half of your specification points.

Explain 2 features of your product that you have tested and why.

Suggest at least 2 improvements to make the product more successful.


I can make a product which is mostly finished and uses at least one skill.

I can complete a simple product by myself.

I can identify at least two quality check for my practical work.




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