DT (Grades 5- | 5= | 5+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition
Exploring Ideas

I can use ideas from designers to help me with my solution.

I can reflect on the influence of the design style in my specification.

Generating Ideas

Ideas inspired by Design movements, other cultures or the specific needs of the target market to make the design inclusive

My designs connect directly to the specification

Clear concise and imaginative ideas which directly relate to the brief

Write about your designs and be able to explain the reasons behind them based on your research conclusions

Developing Ideas

Be aware of possible problems and explain how you could overcome them.

Develop ideas using a variety of information sources.

Develop your ideas through drawing, modelling and discussion taking account of costs and the tastes of your target market.


Justify the testing of all features of your design.

Suggest and make at least 2 detailed improvements and say why this makes it a better product.

Explain how the improvements are suitable for your target market.


I can make a product which has a good level of making.

I can work with some independence on more challenging products.

I can identify at least four quality checks for my practical work.




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