History (Grades 4- | 4= |4+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition

Knowledge & Understanding

I can explain similarities and differences and use them to make connections and draw contrasts

I can explain using several factors

I can place my knowledge in context

I can describe the key events, people and periods in the period I am studying and identify where these fit within a chronology

I can use historical terms and concepts with confidence

I can create an analytical enquiry using supported knowledge to reach a judgement

Change & Continuity

I can describe examples of change and / or continuity across given time periods and draw contrasts

I can explain examples of changes and / or continuity within a given time period and make connections


Cause & Consequence

I can describe examples of causes and/or consequences with simple links between them



I can analyse how a person/event was significant considering their/its short and long term effects

I can analyse why there are contrasting interpretations about the same person/event

Evaluating Evidence

I can use the sources to create an argument.

I can independently create an enquiry using supporting knowledge.







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