ICT (Grades 4- | 4= |4+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition


I can explain how simple algorithms work

I can break down problems into smaller parts


I can demonstrate understanding of the relational operators <,>,>=,<=,<>

I can use variables and assignment

I can use selection in my programming (if statements)


I can demonstrate understanding of how binary representation works (e.g. 101 =5)

I can show that I understand the importance of database maintenance (e.g. backups, security and updating records)

I can produce a simple database report

I can define data validation and know why it is important

E-Safety & Ethics

I can demonstrate understanding of ways to report concerns

I can define key terms to do with privacy and security threats

Hardware & Software

I can evaluate appropriate input and output devices for a given scenario

The Internet

I can create a simple web page using HTML

I can use internet search engines effectively, including using Boolean operators

The System Life Cycle  I can describe a number of different data capture methods






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