ICT (Grades 5- | 5= |5+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition



I can design programs to do specific things and then follow this design when I program

I can program in more than one programming language

I can use logical reasoning to detect and correct errors in programs

I can explain how data types are represented in programming

I can use two way selection in my programming (if, then, else)

I can use repetition in my programs


I can demonstrate understanding of how text is represented in binary

I can demonstrate understanding of the different types of data validation

I understand the principle of 'garbage in, garbage out' and apply this to my work

I can define the different data types

E-Safety & Ethics  
Hardware & Software

I can define 'proprietary' and 'open file format'

I can show that I understand what a CPU is

I can show that I understand the function of an operating system

I can recall the features of an operating system and give examples of different types

Networking I can explain the difference between different types of networks (e.g. Physical, mobile, wireless)
The Internet I can create a CSS style sheet for a web page
The System Life Cycle

I can combine multiple appropriate applications when creating a digital project

I can assess how trustworthy the data I am using is






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