ICT (Grades 6- | 6= |6+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition


I can represent algorithms using structured notation

I can explain how algorithms work and correct errors in them

I understand what affects the performance of an algorithm

I can use several algorithms for sorting and searching


I can use iteration (looping) with a basic understanding

I can describe the function of lists, tables and arrays

I can explain the difference between procedures and functions

I can demonstrate that I understand logic gates and their relationship to electrical circuits


I can demonstrate understanding of how text is represented in binary

I can demonstrate understanding of the different types of data validation

I understand the principle of 'garbage in, garbage out' and apply this to my work

I can define the different data types

E-Safety & Ethics
I can describe several ways in which individuals or organisations can protect their data

I can demonstrate understanding of the positive and negative ways in which technological developments have impacted the world

Hardware & Software

I can describe the main forms of memory: ROM, RAM, cache, flash and virtual
Networking I can explain a range of network topologies
The Internet  
The System Life Cycle

I can successfully create, re-use, revise and re-purpose digital artefacts for a given audience

I can identify factors that affect the choice of data capture methods

I can make appropriate design choices to suit the needs of the target audience






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