DT (Grades 4- | 4= | 4+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition
Exploring Ideas

I can gather other information apart from pictures for my research.

I can construct a specification with more than five points using different parts of ACCESS FM.

Generating Ideas

Use simple modelling to show ideas.

Use research to generate ideas.

Draw in isometric or perspective.

Annotate the sketches in detail based on the Specification.

Talk about your designs and be able to explain the reasons behind them.

Developing Ideas

Develop your ideas through modelling for size, form and colour.

Development work presented formally in 2D/3D drawings.


Evaluate the product against most of your specification points and say how well it suits your target market.

Suggest and make 2 improvements to your product that is a result of your testing.

Explain the testing of at least 3 features in relation to your specification.


I can make a product which is mainly finished and uses two or more skills.

I can complete a simple product by myself.

I can identify at least three quality checks for my practical work.




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