Character, Community & Curriculum for Life


The Character programme gives students the opportunity to focus on the School Values of Resilience, Responsibility and Respect within Form Time. Form time sessions are designed to help students develop key skills such as organisation and communication. Form Tutors provide practical sessions where students can reflect on their strengths and work to improve not just academic outcomes but life outcomes too.

As part of the Character provision at form time we also offer students the opportunity to complete their LORIC Qualification throughout Years 7-10.

This qualification follows Apprentice, Pioneer and Graduate level at Key Stage 3 and those students who achieve Graduate are then able to access the Masters Level Qualification when they enter Year 10. Students provide evidence to show their developing skills in Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Independence and Communication.

Year 11 Character sessions focus on preparing our students for their next steps after GCSE.


At Audenshaw School, students actively take part in charitable events and activities throughout the year.

We take great pride in our students’ commitment to a wide range of local and national charities. Each year, our student leadership teams vote on causes close to their heart and over the past five years we have worked closely with: The British Legion, The Ukraine Appeal, the Scouting Association, Macmillan, The British Heart Foundation and Tameside East Food Bank.

Our annual Christmas Hamper Appeal is one of our students’ greatest achievements . Each Christmas have consistently provided over 1 tonne of food and treats that we make in to specially designed hampers for families all across Tameside.

Curriculum for Life

Curriculum for Life is a compulsory subject that all pupils study at both KS3 and KS4. The curriculum covers all the statutory elements needed with a focus on our school values of respect, resilience and responsibility.

C4L is about developing a young person’s thinking, social and emotional skills. Curriculum for Life aims to raise our students confidence, self-esteem and resilience while instilling an understanding and acceptance of those in their local and wider communities.

C4L also teaches pupils about the possible dangers and risks in everyday life, the choices they make and the possible consequences of their choices, both positive and negative. It encourages pupils to consider the rights and responsibilities they have for themselves and for others and how to take an active and positive role in society. C4L allows and encourages our young men to question their own attitudes and opinions and those of others, and to identify where these attitudes and opinions come from.

Our learning journey focuses on topics that will inform students about the society they live in currently and what waits for them beyond school. Many of the topics focus on keeping students safe both online and offline and how to use technologies in a way that benefits them, rather than putting them in danger. We also look at some of the current issues that our students are facing and teaching them how to look out for problems and dilemmas that they might face. We want our students to be able to make the right, informed decisions now, and when they go off to do exceptional things when they leave school.

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Well done to Logan R L for winning the Amazon voucher for Maths Challenge 8 and submitting a great solution! 🙂

Well done to Logan R L for winning the Amazon voucher for Maths Challenge 8 and submitting a great solution! 🙂 ...